Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Loooooooongggggg day

Well its been a really long day here.

Kobes got a horrible bug which has taken it right out of him, hes been sleeping and being sick all day, poor little thing.

Schools back in tomorrow (as far as i know it is anyways) but poor little kobes wont be going. Hope he gets better soon, hate seeing him ill and so pale looking, certainly not himself.

With not being able to leave him for long today, i took my decoupage downstairs and say cutting and sticking most of the afternoon whilst watching the telly.

All 3 of us watched Madagascar 2 aswell :) Eloise loved it, kobe was asleep and i thought it was ok :) the 1st one is definatly better tho.

Right.... here are my cards from yesterday....

Mothers day/ birthday - 3d decoupage sheet

These 2 are out of my basic grey baby card kit which i love!

Penny black stamp

and pink petticoat, cheekies valentines card

Hope you've all had a good day, Em xxx


  1. Hi Em, Love the corset. I am into animal prints LOL.

  2. Gosh - you are generous sharing so many fab cards in one post - lots of varied styles for inspiration as well - thank you xxx

  3. WOW!! These are all just wonderful!!Fabulous Work..TFS
    Hugs, Linda


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