Monday, March 26, 2012

Hello my poor neglected blog lol I haven't been on in a month but I'm pretty much in the same place I was then. Plodding Along with life, trying to get in shape (still!!) and trying to get the house sorted.

Had a lovely weekend which makes a change. The weather has been gorgeous this weekend, it's probably our summer early! Lol.

Saturday I did some gardening and painted my garden wall and step in the front and Sunday we went to the cinema, spent sometime on the prom, went the park had ice cream and the Kobe had a friends party. It's been busy none stop but was good :)

Like I said desperately trying to get I to shape and make an effort. Diet went out the window, haven't lost anymore weight and have put about 3lbs on :/

Decided I'm going to start having a nice walk in the mornings along the prom when I've dropped the kids off at school.

Went on Thursday last week and I went today, nearly a 4 mile walk so that should do me some good aslong as I can keep off the food and alcohol.

Starting to try and grow my own few bits of fruit/veg aswell in the garden. I'm not very green fingered so we'll see how that goes lol.

Sitting enjoying the lovely sunshine at the moment in my shorts and vest top :)