Sunday, July 24, 2011

Heres my silly pussy cat sammy in the middle of a wash! 

The Octopode Factory ATC

Here is a steam punk style atc for The Octopode Factory challange spots and dots.

My first creation in my new craft room! :)

The six weeks holiday is upon us again. I'm off for a week at the beginning and a week at the end.

We haven't made any plans yet so we'll see what we get upto!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My new very own craft room......

Unfortunately only one desk (i had 2 in my bedroom but i suppose they were always full of junk!)

Some shelves full of paper and boxes full of bits and bobs. My plastic drawers which have all kinds in them.

Moved a spice rack out of the kitchen and made use of it for my sprays. I also added some of my ornaments too :)

Organised chaos on my desk, everything to hand that i will need (hopefully)

Some of my stamps on shelves so i can just grab them when i need them :)

These are the fitted wardrobes the other side of the room with my plastic drawers in full of unmounted stamps :) also eloise's work space if she wants to craft :)

It's only a small room but i'm made up with it, can't wait to get crafting!!


Got the kids a trampoline for our new garden, I think they like it!

Shame it's rained every since I bought it tho! Lol :)

Been doing the garden up. There was bark down which I replaced with stones and we fixed the little wall and stained the shed. Need to paint the house and walls now and it will look nice.

I'm enjoying having a little garden for a change instead of a crap yard.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I've settled into my new house. We were unpacked within a week and a half (mess and clutter annoys me!!)

Been splashing out and buying new furniture, out with the old and in with the new :)

My craft room is nearly complete. Just waiting for some shelving to go up.

I'm much happier in my new home and we have a nice little garden which is a sun trap plus asda is at the bottom of the road, lol :)

Will post some pics when I get chance :)