Friday, February 27, 2009

Easter gift...

Here is my first proper candle the i have decorated, im quite happy with it :) It's turned out well, no drips of wax or anything either!!

Ive entered this into the penny black sat challenge as it's 'something to eat!'

Unforunatly we have to do SHOE shopping today...... what a nightmare thats going to be!!
 The kids both have £20 each to spend on a pair of school shoes.... most of the ones i have seen have been way more expensive than that or the cheaper ones are really cheap and nasty....

Have a nice weekend x

Doctor, doctor......

Hey all,

 It's a REALLY dull day here today - boo!

We had fun yesterday with kobe, we told him he could buy a dr who tardis from tesco out of his birthday money as we'd seen them the other week for £7.50 in there...... 3 tescos, 1 argos, 2 asdas and lots of tears later we had to order one from ebay for twice the price as no where had them!!! 

What a fun afternoon that was, lol :)

Chilling out this morning then shopping later. 

Have a nice day all xx

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Easter Cards

Here are 3 cards i made with my new stamps :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Goodies :)

From happy stampers, 40% off and they came next day delivery :)
It's a shame there closing down, there a good online store :)

Been shopping this afternoon and im knackered now!

It's pancake day today so were having some later :) im not really fussed on them tho, more for the kids :)

Em xx

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Little Mans 4th Birthday.......

We were all up yesterday quite early waiting for Kobe to wake up..... he didn't, lol :) we all went and woke the birthday boy up about 8.30am!

Here is is opening his presents

After all that was spent on his presents, this was his fave, a 99p mini with sweets in! lol :) at least it wasn't a box or wrapping paper!!

Here is me and my big man :)

The big birthday boy blowing his candles out :)

After all this in the morning we went to one of those indoor play areas for kids with climbing frames and slides and the kids loved it :) it was one of the best ones we've been to before tho :)

After a good play and working up an apatite, we went to a Chinese restaurant and had a lovely buffet, the kids enjoyed it :) They ate quite abit! lol :)

After we got home the kids had a play and then we all watched the Igor movie :) it wasn't to bad :)

Kobe had a lovely 4th Birthday xx

Friday, February 20, 2009

Note pads

10p smartprice note pads.... pretty boring and plain!

Lots of people recently have said about buying these and decorating them so when i went on my food shop last night i bought a couple (the 1st one went wrong! lol, dont ask me how but it did!)

Here is my end result -

Some dovecraft paper, quickie glue pen, glamour dust, peel off boarder and a heart gem

Going to make some more of them too :) when i get chance!

Em xx

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Goodmorning all, how are you?
I'm up early having a quiet cup of coffee :)
Once again, not alot planned, see how the weather is later and maybe pop to the park for abit. Kids are going to their dads again tonight and back on saturday morning.
On saturday kobes got one of his friends parties to go to then it's kobes 4th birthday on sunday so were off out for the day then :)
Got the asda shop to do tonight aswell..... boo!
Made some more basic grey cards yesterday out of the card kits i bought a few weeks ago :)
Hope you have a nice day all, Em xx

Monday, February 16, 2009


Well its the 1st day of half term and it hasn't been to bad :) 

We went to the park for abit this afternoon and then to my mums for a cuppa and they were off to B&Q and to tesco so we popped up there too.

I'm now cooking vegetarian lasagna, yummy, cant wait as I'm starving!!

Hope you've all had a nice day

Em x

Thursday, February 12, 2009

 Good Morning all,

Well its lovely and peaceful here :) the kids are off school and at their dads so i have a very chilled stress free friday morning :)

We went over to liverpool last night to help dereks mum & dad move some more of his nans things into her new flat over this side of the water :)

Whilst at dereks mums i was tourmenting Travis the greyhound with my camera as he just looked so cute cuddled up to the teddy bear :) lol :)

Going shopping later on with my mum but other than that, no plans other than to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Have a nice day xx

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Eloise's Valentine Card

Here is my 6 year old daughters valentine card for the love of her life, lol :)

I stamped the images for her and she coloured them in :)

Shes made up with it and i think it's cute :)

She gets all embarrased when you ask her about owen :)
Young love is cute :)

I've entered her card into the penny black challenge and the stamp something challenge too :) 

I presume thats ok, but not entirely sure :S

Em xx


Good morning.

Well the kids are off in school and im just enjoying the peace and having a nice hot coffee and my brekki.

They break up from school tomorrow and are off for half term. 
There going to their dads from thursday night till sunday morning. I have no idea what were doing to do tho! lol :)

Made some forever friends cards yesterday, 3d ones :) i love the decoupage sets, there really cute images.

Eloise is going to make a valentines card tonight for her valentine :) lol. I think its cute, will post a piccy of her with her finished card tonight :)

Have a nice day x

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hedgehog Cards

Here are my hedgehog cards!

The black and white one is for derek for valentines day :)

The one with 'love' on is for a swap on crafty us UK and the other is for a swap on cardmakers UK and im entering them into the penny black challenge for this week which is ROMANCE and the stamp something challenge as its something for my valentine :)

Em xx

Good Morning All

Mondays here again.....

Only 4 days till the kids break up for half term!!! 
I best make the most of this week! lol :)

I have a few crafty things to do this week for challenges and swaps so i need to get them done. 

My penny black valentines set arrived on saturday so im going to make some cards out of them :) I have the 'T.L.C' stamp and the 'Hugs' transparent set plus a little 'i love you' stamp. 
(from the cardmkaing and papercrat subscription)

We went to dereks nans flat on saturday while the carpets were getting fitted. Its quite
 nice there and theres a lovely view out over to liverpool -

Just taken the kids to school and now im off to make a nice hot cup of coffee and grab soeme breakfast. 

Have a nice day x

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tea Party Card

Here is my tea party card for a swap im in and also for the cute card thursday challenge as its to hae something metal on your card (brads)

 I found a victorian style picture and printed it out, mounted it on some dark brown card and some brown and cream papers (cant remember the name of them) and added some punched flowers and brads to hold them on.

I didnt have a clue what to do for this card but im happy with the result in the end :)

Em xx

....snow is falling....

We have some snow again :) 

The kids are made up!

Its only light at the moment - actually nice to be out in and you dont get wet from it! The kids are hoping its on for the day so they can do a snowman after school :)

I've got housework to do today, shouldnt take the whole day up tho, done half of it before i took the kids to school and the other half will get done throughout the day. Got my ironing to do too (boooooooooooo)

I have some things to make for some challenges on the craft groups im a member of. A tea card, pink topper and animal card plus more alphabet atc's (i think thats all anyways...)

Just having a nice coffee now. Have a good day all
Em xx

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Circle Card

This is for the penny black saturday challenge, to create a round card :)


Well our snow has melted and its absolutly freezing outside!!

No plans for today, hopefully some more cards and maybe go to my mums for tea later.

Had fun making the pink petticoat cards yesterday :) they'll be nice for ellies friends too.

Kobes got a friends party at the end of the month too, the day before his birthday so he'll love that :)

Have a nice day x

Monday, February 2, 2009

PTW challenge

Heres my challenge card

Using this sketch -


Here is my entry for Cute Card Thursday....

This week it was to make a valentines card :)

I used the new pink petticoat 'sugar' download and some pink papers :)
Em x

Snowy Monday

Yes, wow.... we have snow!! :) We dont have that much but it's enough to make the kids happy, lol.

Eloise and Kobe were made up this morning when they seen the snow :) Still snoowing abit now too. Its a tad slippy out tho!!! Mummy lost her footing a few times, lol.

Well today is my first day back to myself after having kobe off all last week ill. Not sure what im going to do but hopeful;y i'll make the most of it :)

Just having a nice hot coffee now before i start my day :)
Have a good one xx