Monday, January 5, 2009


Hey all, back to school time today for most people, i was glad to get the kids back in school (arent i mean!? lol) 

Its nice to get back into a normal routine again and to be able to get the house tidy in peace without the kids making a mess as im tidying!! lol.

My candle set came today, it was £5.50 in the sale and theres 9 candles in it. The 3 large ones are pretty big. 
I want to decorate them. I tryed today on a old small candle. It looks ok but melted abit too much. I need to get some greaseproof paper tomorrow when i go shopping and try it again.
Some on the ones ive seen on the interent other people have done look really cute :)

Gonna go try a few bits out upstairs in a min and dig some things out. Kids are both asleep so its nice and quiet.

Have a good evening xxx

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