Monday, March 30, 2009

Wet and miserable here today, kids are both in school so i have some peace.

I'm doing some crafting this morning and tidying up this afternoon, might attemp to make a cake to as it's dereks birthday - happy birthday xx

Im debating wether or not to but a set of the skin tone copics...... :S

Have a nice day

Friday, March 27, 2009


I won a mystery prize from cathy's blog, i can't believe it, im made up, never won anything in blog land before :)

I dont know what it is but i think that makes it more fun :)

Eloise was off school from monday and back in on thursday as she was unwell and i think Kobe is coming down with it now, he's not himself and is feeling sick. He says he's fine but i dont think he is.

It's very windy here today, not that warm either. 
Hope the weather is better for the weekend!

Ive done this card for ellies friend who likes bagpuss but i dunno if it's missing something, any suggestions? 

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A new project....

My cousin was getting rid of these and i got them before they got smashed up!!

I was thinking of painting them and putting some plants in them, what do you think?

Any ideas to help me along the way????

Em xx

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My crafting space......

Here is my craft room (also my bedroom)

It's not very exciting but it does me :)

We have 2 tall plastic draws which are great for storing stuff in, my old dressing table with a kitchen worktop on to make it bigger and it doesn't matter if i make a mess!!

Under that theres more plastic draws which i store my 12x12 paper in and some blank cards. 

We have my printer in the corner with the lamp and some papers, my pull out desk (which is never in as its always a mess but handy if i need any more floor space!)

Lastly we have a toy storage thing which i use to keep my cards in :)

Have a look on carlz cards for a chance to win some candy :)
Em xx

Hello for tuesday

Hello all,

Well i havent been doing much crafting recently, done some act's but thats about it. 

On friday morning, it was my aunts funeral, she died of cancer at age 60.

The kids bought some mothers day gifts from school too so they were made up :) They gave me them on sunday, a box of roses and some bath salts.

On friday evening derek and i went out for a lovely meal and came home and had some wine, it was a really nice evening, made a change to staying in! :)

Over the weekend Eloise has come down with something, shes been off school the past few days so we've been stuck in the house. It's been a LONG day already here but i think shes going back in tomorrow, she seems fine now.

Just wishing i wasn't feeling so tired.

Em x

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Magnolia blog candy give away ends the 2nd april, have a look xx

Theres some more candy HERE that ends on the 4th april, a set of 4 lovely stamps.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Well it's been a nice sunny day here :)

It was my aunt's funeral this morning, that went as ok as it could. Only reconised my other aunt and uncle the rest of the people were strangers to me.

The kids bought some mothers day presents from school today, there hiding them from me until mothers day - they dont think i know what they are, but i do, lol :)

This afternoon ive been shopping, managed to get some birthday/xmas stocking fillers in :)

Tonight it's relax and unwind.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I want some copics....

Take a look here:

Ends the 10th April

I started my diet yet again last monday, it's try or just give up and i'm giving it a good old try this time :)

I'm very proud of myself as i've lost 4lbs in a week and a half from healthier eating/counting calouries and with that 4lbs i'm probably the lightest i've been in about a year!! This has given me the motivation to carry on :)

Nice sunny day here, might take kobe the park for abit after school.

Em x

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Evening all,

Well ive had a nice day for a change after a stressful morning of getting the kids ready for school!

I decided to go to the coffee morning at the school, i wasnt sure at first weather to go or not but my daughters best friends mum was going too so i thought i would :)

We helped wrap all the presents up for the mothers day sale on friday, had coffee and choc biscuits (even know i shouldn't of done!) and chatted. Id definatly go again sometime :)

After that i picked Kobe up from school and we went shopping. 

Grandad took kobe out this afternoon for abit and then him and eloise stayed for tea at my mums and their due back anytime now.

It's been a really quiet afternoon, it's been nice :)

Made a couple of cards and chilled out.

Have a good evening all x

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Good morning all

Hello all,

Well it's a lovely sunny day here on the wirral, hope it stays that way :)

Ive been busy with the housework :) all downstairs is clean and the bathroom so it's just the bedrooms now, they shouldn't take long.

Just having a cup of coffee and a chill out now.

Hope you all have a nice sunnyday too :)

(images from the graphic garden)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

All set for comic relief.....

Here is my collection of assorted cards that dereks taking into work with him tomorrow and 50% of the money made is going to comic relief :)

Just hoping people are interested in them, lol :)

My sizzix alphabet FINALLY arrived yesterdy :) yay :)
Got tidying up to do today, my craft space is a mess!!

Em xx

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hello all,

Well as you can see Ive been making some forever friends decoupaged cards :) Ive made  a couple more than pictured.

My sizzix order has FINALLY been sorted out at long last :) I emailed someone who originally sorted my refund out back in Feb (i think shes in a higher position that the person i was speaking to) as i still hadn't had a reply back from Friday, which i was annoyed at.

She was very nice and apologised as she wasn't happy about what had happened and how it had been handled. So she has sent me another alphabet set out, to the RIGHT address and she has also given me £22 to spend on sizzix products :) 

They haven't got as much choice on their website anymore, it's all new dies and none of the old ones.

I'm just glad it's finally sorted out and i should have my set in the next few days :)

Ive got a really sore back at the moment :( suffer with it alot.... probably because im fat, lol :)

Trying my diet again too.... we shall see how it goes :)

Enjoy your night xxx

Monday, March 9, 2009


Hello :)

Well it's been very windy here today but the suns been shining so it hasn't been all bad.

Haven't been upto alot, making some more cards for friday for comic relief :)

Been trying to get the kids to tidy their bedrooms...... boy has tha
t been fun!!!!

I've got a headache now!

Going to tidy up my crafty stuff for the night, put some washing away and then chill out for the night.

Night all

Friday, March 6, 2009

good morning

hello for saturday.

Im blogging from my mobile at the moment as the power adapter for my laptop is broke!

Going to the apple shop in liverpool this morning to see if it can be fixed as a new one is £58.

I found out the problem with my sizzix order. They've been sending it to my old address in birkenhead and i havent lived there for 2 years! Plus someone at that address has forged my signature and pretented to be me!

Have a good day all x

Thursday, March 5, 2009



Well today has been a very long and tiring day. 

Kobe finally got his tardis from ebay and hes made up with it :) it's quite good actually with all the lights and sounds. It makes different sounds depending on how u move it :) Need to buy in some more figures for xmas now :)

I made an order from the ellison site about a month ago and it still hasn't come and im getting REALLY annoyed at them now. It apparently got delivered to someone last time - god knows who as it wasn't me and ive been waiting another week for the 2nd one to arrive and that hasn't come yet either..... Im not to sure if it's DHL's fault or ellisons but i wish they'd sort it out. GRRR!

Dereks going to take some cards into work for me on comic relief and im giving 50% of ny money made to comic relief so hopefully i'll sell some!! :)

Heres some i've been doing