Monday, January 19, 2009

Good Night

Well it was snowing here today and me and poor kobe had to go out in it! 

It was absolutly freezing, we got drenched. I think we would of stayed dryer if it was raining.

Made some atc's this morning out my new stamps - im just testing them out really, seeing what colours to use ect.

Got the pussy cats some new bowls today, some lady and the tramp ones (i think there dog ones but who cares!) there really cute :) I also got some gift boxes, hallmark ones - a set of 6 which all go inside one another for only £1.99 in home and bargin. Im thinking i can use them for storage :) I had a go with my alcohol inks on one of them, the inks look ok but the stamping not so good. I need to get some different ink pads to do it with.

Right... going to try and sleep now, hopefully!

Night all x

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