Friday, January 30, 2009


Bee costume

Xmas head to toe


The Essentials


Joy Filled Stockings


Cheese Cake Party

Sweet Catch


Fun Times


Uplifting Occasion


Pink Toes




Aiming to Please




Stuffing Stocking

Love in spring

Eggceedingly Happy



Gift wrap

Raining Daisies

Crossing bridges

Baby Hedgehog








Thursday, January 29, 2009

Morning all,

Well my little man still isnt well and is off school again. His tummys upset now, poor lil thing. He's really under the weather.

My throte sore and im getting a cough! Boo!!

Hope everyone has a nice day

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The school boiler is fixed (YAY!!!) so Eloise is back in school, ive kept kobe off still as he was sick as a dog yesterday and seems tired today and abit hot - he insists he's better and doesnt want to stay off because 'thats just boring' according to him, lol but just want to make sure hes fighting fit as i dont want him passing it on to his friends either.

Im really tired today, awake lots in the night with kobe as he was restless. Had a splitting headache this morning which has eased off a little now, thankfully. 

Getting some cards made today, hopefully :) Got cleaning to do too as i didnt do ANY yesterday....

Have a nice day all

Em xxx

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Loooooooongggggg day

Well its been a really long day here.

Kobes got a horrible bug which has taken it right out of him, hes been sleeping and being sick all day, poor little thing.

Schools back in tomorrow (as far as i know it is anyways) but poor little kobes wont be going. Hope he gets better soon, hate seeing him ill and so pale looking, certainly not himself.

With not being able to leave him for long today, i took my decoupage downstairs and say cutting and sticking most of the afternoon whilst watching the telly.

All 3 of us watched Madagascar 2 aswell :) Eloise loved it, kobe was asleep and i thought it was ok :) the 1st one is definatly better tho.

Right.... here are my cards from yesterday....

Mothers day/ birthday - 3d decoupage sheet

These 2 are out of my basic grey baby card kit which i love!

Penny black stamp

and pink petticoat, cheekies valentines card

Hope you've all had a good day, Em xxx


Well it's Tuesday morning and i should be taking the kids to school.... but the boiler is broke in school and the whole schools off! 


Kobe was off yesterday because of it, it was his part of the school with it yesterday but now its the whole school... i should have a fun day!!

Kobe was sick before too, I'm hoping he's ok and hasn't got a bug.

Been updating my blog candy list and adding some new ones :) i never win anything like that but you got to be in it to win it :)

Made a few different cards yesterday, haven't scanned them in yet tho.
Should hopefully get some time to craft today but i cant guarantee it!! 

Hope you all have a good day
Em xx

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hello all,

Well im not in a rush for anything this morning.... Took the kids to school eloise went in fine and kobe couldnt go in as the boiler is broken in his little part of the school so he's home for the day. He was really upset that he could'nt go in aswell, he wanted to see his best friend!

I bought a plain old cork notice board at the weekend for over my desk in the bedroom. I thought it was rather dull so.... i got some paints out and some stamps and sizzix dies and heres what we have - 

And heres a close up of the stamped images -

It certainly brightens it up abit!

Bought Eloise some nice new tops in the sale from asda on saturday, she loves them :) camp rock ones.

Going to get some cards and cleaning done today, hopefully!

Have a nice day all xxxxx

Saturday, January 24, 2009


It sounds really cold and windy outside, im glad to be under my nice warm cover, all wrapped up.

Got my hair dye today so im doing that in the morning. I also bought a cork board which ive painted :S and i got my order from the do crafts site, lots more sale items which im happy with. Mainly basic grey items and 3 card kits :)

Sleep well xx

Friday, January 23, 2009

Good morning

Here is the card i made yesterday with one of my new stamp bargins :)

And here is some ATC's i made with a selection of my new stamps as i wanted to try colouring them in, ect to see how they would look :)

Nothing much planned for today, shopping and kids at their dads tonight, hopefully some cardmaking if i ever come off the computer!! lol :)

Have a good day all xx

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hey all,

Hope everyone had a good day. Got my hair cut at the hairdressers today all i need now to is to dye it, its all grown out and looks awful. I want to do it nice and virbrant again, bright red :) Im going to get my hair dye at the weekend anyways and do it :)

Ive made one card today, havent scanned it yet tho. I used one of my new lily and milo stamps, its cute :)

I want to try and do some craft fairs this year and sell some cards, ive never done one before, has anyone got any advice for me??

Have a good night all

Em xx

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My altered box...??

It started out silver and this is how it ended up ofter some alcohol inks and paperbag studios stamps.....

I like the way the inks have gone but the stamps went abit funny... need some different ink pads like von said. Added some gems with inks on to finish it off :)

The boxes were from home and bargin, 6 inside one another for £1.99 - they'd be good to decorate.

Well im absolutly knackered this afternoon, not to sure why!? But i think im giving crafting a miss for now and maybe do the ironing and hoovering instead..... BOO!!!

Have a good afternoon xx


Hello all, how are you today?

Im ok. Kobes got an appt at the hospital today for his speech, first one since before xmas!!!!

Dreading it cos its freezing out!

Going to post tonis card and have a look around the shops afterwoods.

Ive got a choice of crafting or ironing this afternoon.... i wonder which i will choose!! lol :)

Em xxx

Monday, January 19, 2009

Good Night

Well it was snowing here today and me and poor kobe had to go out in it! 

It was absolutly freezing, we got drenched. I think we would of stayed dryer if it was raining.

Made some atc's this morning out my new stamps - im just testing them out really, seeing what colours to use ect.

Got the pussy cats some new bowls today, some lady and the tramp ones (i think there dog ones but who cares!) there really cute :) I also got some gift boxes, hallmark ones - a set of 6 which all go inside one another for only £1.99 in home and bargin. Im thinking i can use them for storage :) I had a go with my alcohol inks on one of them, the inks look ok but the stamping not so good. I need to get some different ink pads to do it with.

Right... going to try and sleep now, hopefully!

Night all x

Miserable monday....

Well it's still dark outside, the kids are ready, the washing on and im suppost to be tiding before i take the kids to school (i will do it, soon!)

I stepped on the scales this morning and........ i've lost 1lb.... oh well, its something. It's because i was'nt very good at the weekend so i need to be very good this week and see if i can lose abit more than 1lb!

Not alot planned for today, been having a play attempting to colour some of my new stamps in, maybe make some atc's out of them.

Have a nice day all

Em x

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Hello

How are you all today?

Im not to bad. I wasnt very good on my diet yesterday so i'm back to it today and i need to stick to it.

I bought a really nice picture yesterday from wilkinsons, it was £25 reduced to £5 - it looks really nice in the front room too :)

We also took a trop to B&Q as we needed a toilet roll holder (exciting hey) but i found a birthday present for kobe, a car mat. Its about 3ft wide by about 6ft long, i think it's great :) i think he'll love it! Kobes birthday presents are all sorted now, a whole month early  thats not like me for birthdays, normally i leave things till last min!

Hope you all have a good day. It was suppost to be really windy here today but it doesnt sound it, thankfully!

Em xx

Friday, January 16, 2009

The weekends here at last...

It feels like its been a really long week and im glad the weekend is here :)

Here are my other new stamps i got, all at half price from the glitter pot! 

Im glad i got them when i did because when i went back on there the next day to check on my order half the stamps had been sold out and others had gone back upto full price! So as they say, the early bird catchs the worm, lol :)

Off shopping this morning to get our weekly shop, hoping its quiet!

Heres some 1st birthday cards i made the other day

Im off to get ready now anyways, have a good weekend all xxx