Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My crafting space......

Here is my craft room (also my bedroom)

It's not very exciting but it does me :)

We have 2 tall plastic draws which are great for storing stuff in, my old dressing table with a kitchen worktop on to make it bigger and it doesn't matter if i make a mess!!

Under that theres more plastic draws which i store my 12x12 paper in and some blank cards. 

We have my printer in the corner with the lamp and some papers, my pull out desk (which is never in as its always a mess but handy if i need any more floor space!)

Lastly we have a toy storage thing which i use to keep my cards in :)

Have a look on carlz cards for a chance to win some candy :)
Em xx


  1. oooo love the idea of the toy box

    good luck hun xxx

  2. It looks just fabulous & that toy box for cards is just adoreable! x


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