Thursday, March 5, 2009



Well today has been a very long and tiring day. 

Kobe finally got his tardis from ebay and hes made up with it :) it's quite good actually with all the lights and sounds. It makes different sounds depending on how u move it :) Need to buy in some more figures for xmas now :)

I made an order from the ellison site about a month ago and it still hasn't come and im getting REALLY annoyed at them now. It apparently got delivered to someone last time - god knows who as it wasn't me and ive been waiting another week for the 2nd one to arrive and that hasn't come yet either..... Im not to sure if it's DHL's fault or ellisons but i wish they'd sort it out. GRRR!

Dereks going to take some cards into work for me on comic relief and im giving 50% of ny money made to comic relief so hopefully i'll sell some!! :)

Heres some i've been doing


  1. Glad the tardis arrived Em, great lot of cards hope you sell lots - over on my blog there is an award i wanted to pass on to you with hugs x Lou x

  2. Hi Emma, what a great blog you have, I love your projects they are totally beautiful and lots of fun too.
    Thank you for entering my blog candy .....good luck
    Love Susie xx


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