Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Evening all,

Well ive had a nice day for a change after a stressful morning of getting the kids ready for school!

I decided to go to the coffee morning at the school, i wasnt sure at first weather to go or not but my daughters best friends mum was going too so i thought i would :)

We helped wrap all the presents up for the mothers day sale on friday, had coffee and choc biscuits (even know i shouldn't of done!) and chatted. Id definatly go again sometime :)

After that i picked Kobe up from school and we went shopping. 

Grandad took kobe out this afternoon for abit and then him and eloise stayed for tea at my mums and their due back anytime now.

It's been a really quiet afternoon, it's been nice :)

Made a couple of cards and chilled out.

Have a good evening all x

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