Thursday, October 1, 2009

New stamps!!

Out of my birthday money i got i put some towards to the cost of my new set of pro markers (all the new colours) i also bought myself a nice new coat and..... i bought some magnolia stamps, tilda ones :)

I'd only had 2 of these which i never really used so i didn't bother buying more but i'm starting to take to them :) I bought 2 to make bookmarks with, a pile of books and tilda reading. I also bought 5 more but 2 are pre orders so i don't have them yet :(

1 comment:

  1. lol Em
    trust you!!
    I also have invested in some new ones, 5 sugar nellies a christmas one - cant remember the make,
    the 3 cows looking over the gate - i forgotten the make of that too!!
    ladies divine its called and its a really popular range but brain freeze here!!
    glad you have got some more tildas, I have to restrain myself from them
    have bought more promarkers too
    lol wot a pair we are xx


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