Sunday, October 11, 2009

Evening all

It's been a really long boring weekend for me this week.... boo....

Went shopping in Liverpool and didn't get what i wanted, didn't even buy ANY craft stuff (WOW) but i did look!!

We've been trying to get Christmas sorted out, what everyone wants, ect. I've got everything for the kids now :) yay!! One job sorted out :) Just the rest of the family now.

I've found that kobe is so much easier than ellie to buy for all the time. Kobes into so many things that you have a good range of things you can get him and Eloise likes doing her crafting & colouring and after i've bought some craft stuff i get abit stuck! All sorted for this year now though, thankfully.

I've asked Santa for some stampotique stamps and a few other little crafty bits :) I'm waiting to see what the new greeting farm stamps are in November as well.....

Off to find something to do, see u tomorrow :)

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