Monday, October 19, 2009

Afternoon all,

Went to the first day of my induction week today. Couldn't bloody find where i was suppost to go!! We filled out paper work all morning and home just after lunch (it's not suppost to finish till 2pm) got that for the rest of the week and on friday they take us out for a meal :) so that will be nice.

Just waiting for my crb form to come back untill i can start my placement/voluntry work at kobes old nursery.
Looking forward to it though.

Knackered today, been back and forth everywhere! Had kobes parents evening, he's doing well in school and his teacher is happy with him. Not concerned over his speech at all which is nice for a change!
Have a nice night xx

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  1. What a busy bee you are - make sure you find some time to craft lol Hugs, Steph xxx


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