Sunday, January 31, 2010

Morning all Sorry to hear you all have bad weather again, it was chilly here yesterday and we had some hale stones last night which are still there but it hasn't been to bad, thankfully! I'm chilling with a coffee at the moment, putting off what needs doing! I want a shelf putting up over one of my desks...... i need to move my desk and all the stuff on and under it before's crammed full... it's gonna be a long job, lol. It will be nice to see all the bulbs sprouting up again, be nice to have some bright flowers around again :) I got some bags of bulbs reduced to 10p a pack last week as the planting was aug-dec so I've planted them in the house to see what happens :) Oh well, best get moving, my desk and craft stuff isn't going to move itself unfortunately. Have a good day, hope the frost and snow melts away for you all xx

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