Monday, February 23, 2009

My Little Mans 4th Birthday.......

We were all up yesterday quite early waiting for Kobe to wake up..... he didn't, lol :) we all went and woke the birthday boy up about 8.30am!

Here is is opening his presents

After all that was spent on his presents, this was his fave, a 99p mini with sweets in! lol :) at least it wasn't a box or wrapping paper!!

Here is me and my big man :)

The big birthday boy blowing his candles out :)

After all this in the morning we went to one of those indoor play areas for kids with climbing frames and slides and the kids loved it :) it was one of the best ones we've been to before tho :)

After a good play and working up an apatite, we went to a Chinese restaurant and had a lovely buffet, the kids enjoyed it :) They ate quite abit! lol :)

After we got home the kids had a play and then we all watched the Igor movie :) it wasn't to bad :)

Kobe had a lovely 4th Birthday xx

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