Thursday, February 19, 2009

Goodmorning all, how are you?
I'm up early having a quiet cup of coffee :)
Once again, not alot planned, see how the weather is later and maybe pop to the park for abit. Kids are going to their dads again tonight and back on saturday morning.
On saturday kobes got one of his friends parties to go to then it's kobes 4th birthday on sunday so were off out for the day then :)
Got the asda shop to do tonight aswell..... boo!
Made some more basic grey cards yesterday out of the card kits i bought a few weeks ago :)
Hope you have a nice day all, Em xx


  1. Morning Emma
    Gorgeous picture....hope you have a lovely day, poor you having to do a food shop!!!
    Emma x

  2. goodmorning to you too, just popped by to say hi, enjoy your day and enjoy that food shopping.hehe good luck with the candy give away, hugs carol


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