Tuesday, November 3, 2009

YAY good news....

Morning all,

I'm really happy today :)

I went to see the manager at the nursery this morning where I'm going to be starting at. I asked her weather i could start anytime soon as my crb hasn't come back from their yet but I'd had one done at the training company which i'm doing my nvq2 through which I'd already had back.
So she said yep that's fine so I'm starting tomorrow! :)

My first ever job....it's voluntary and for my nvq but it's 16 hours a week so it will keep me busy :) really looking forward to it :)

Ive got to wear black pants, lilac blouse and a black jumper and it feels like im in school again, lol..... feel really fat in it too which isn't good!! (really need to loose some weight!!) Hope you have a good day

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