Monday, November 16, 2009


Well today seems like it's been a long day. It was way to hot in work this morning, made me feel a little sick :(

This afternoon i sorted through kobes toys and clothes, more tidied them up than got rid of anything.

My new sewing machine came today aswell, it's great :) really like it and seems really easy to use..... need to get all my long pants/jeans out now and take them up!!!! (as im a short arse at 5ft 1)

Hope you all have a good evening, i'm just getting the kids off to bed, were abit late tonight.

Eloise hada fab birthday over the weekend too (wil post more tomorrow about that)


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  1. Know what you mean about it being too hot at work hun - it's a real battle to get the window open without someone complaining! Have fun with the new sewing machine, when you've got the hang of it I'll be round with my jeans LOL! Hugs, Squirrel xx


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