Saturday, December 31, 2011

Well it's abit late but we had a lovely Christmas :)

The kids were made up with all there presents abd they got some money to spend aswell :)

The cat even wanted to help open the presents! Lol.

We had Christmas dinner at my mums with all the family and boxing day we stayed at home and I cooked. Wasn't as good as my mums dinner but it was ok :) nothing beats your mums roast dinner though :)

It's new years eve now, looking forward to getting back to my diet now And normal eating!

I wonder what 2012 will hold for us, something nice I hope as this year has had its ups and downs!

Ive moved to a nicer house/area in June and I've dropped 2 clothes sizes this year, the kids are happy and healthy so more ups than downs :)

Happy new year everyone xx


  1. Beautiful photogrpahs Em and you look gorgeous in the photos with the children. They always look gorgeous ofcourse :)

    Hope 2012 brings you all everything that you hope for.



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