Sunday, July 17, 2011

My new very own craft room......

Unfortunately only one desk (i had 2 in my bedroom but i suppose they were always full of junk!)

Some shelves full of paper and boxes full of bits and bobs. My plastic drawers which have all kinds in them.

Moved a spice rack out of the kitchen and made use of it for my sprays. I also added some of my ornaments too :)

Organised chaos on my desk, everything to hand that i will need (hopefully)

Some of my stamps on shelves so i can just grab them when i need them :)

These are the fitted wardrobes the other side of the room with my plastic drawers in full of unmounted stamps :) also eloise's work space if she wants to craft :)

It's only a small room but i'm made up with it, can't wait to get crafting!!



  1. Oh Emma thst looks fab can see some wonderful creations comeing out of there :)and so tidy and well organised :p
    Hugs Von x

  2. I am sooo NOT jealous! *sobs* It is lucky thing! Enjoy your crafting x

  3. Fantastic place to craft Em--you must be so pleased with your new home as well as your new 'Crafty Place'

    Love Chrissie xx

  4. Thanks all i am :) it wont stay tidy for long, LOL xx

  5. lucky you! it's great... pink swoon


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