Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stampotique cards....

Here are my first cards with my new stamps :) not great yet but i'm stuck for ideas!! lol :)

I have used some material on one of the cards tho, thought that was a good idea :)
Might colour some of the image in on the 2nd one too, havent decided yet!

I'm feeling abit bored.... dereks not feeling well so i got nothing to do!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Evening all

Evening all
Well it was miserable this morning and brightened up this afternoon.

I'm in the mood for crafting so i think i'll get the kids to bed soon, grab a nice cold class of vodka and coke and go to my craft room and HOPEFULY create something!!

Havent been crafting much recently even when i've wanted to, tired, not had time and the weathers far to hot aswell.

Got some bargin stamps from home and bargin the other day, 19p each, lol :) There a little bit kiddie some of them with the thick lines but you can't argue for that price!! I was even thinking of using the wood to mount some of my other stamps but it's not quite big enough.

Enjoy your night xx


I've started some more pages in my journal the past week, will post a piccy when i'm done :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


It's my morning off and i told ellie i would sort her underwear drawer out because she CAN'T find one pair of socks in it!!

So one underwear drawer turns into all her drawers and her wardrobe and then kobes stuff aswell..... had a good sort out anyways!

But now i have to tidy and sort the rest of her room out because it's doing my head in!! She hates me doing that because i throw tons of bits of paper away that shes been saving up!

I did want to get some cards/journaling done but i dont think i'm gonna get chance.

Feeling hot and tired aswell which doesn't help!

Enjoy your day.

Monday, June 21, 2010


I made sweet potato roasties to go with tea and they were REALLY nice, i shall be having those again :) everyone else liked them too.

Stampotique 25% off....

I've just ordered some :)

Lovely day again here today :)

Had a nice weekend, made the most of the weather yesterday as it was lovely :)

Guinea pigs are 2 weeks old now.

It's mine and dereks 3rd anniversary today :)

Enjoy your day x

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Really need to diet.... put on so much weight recently, feel awful.

GOOD NEWS tho, i start my job on the 19th july in the out of school club :) 16 hours a week.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Journal page - what is life?

For this i used vampires to symbolise life as they have eternal life, drew some fangs and eyes on with sakura pens.

Background is acrylic paint in grey with pastels over it. red distress ink around the sides to look like smudged blood and alcohol inks dripped down the page. Quite like the effect but cant write over the ink very well!!

And i wrote down who is important in my life.......

I will probably end up adding abit more to the page to finish it off, it doesn't feel finished yet.

Journal - page 1 - do you believe in magic...

This is my first ever journal page!!

Yippee :)

Used distress inks for the background then stamped with paper bag studios stamps in more distress ink. I then used some acrylic paint for the round spotty stamp (dunno what to call that!) to finish it off.

I drew a picture of a person, painted it and stuck some bits on and that's page 1 down :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Just been chilling out this afternoon, back to work soon tho!

Today has been SOOOOOO slow!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Feels like forever....

Since i've crafted!! :(

When i've had some free time lately i've been painting bits in my journal (havent got far yet)

I will get back into my cards eventually. I havent got much motivation as i'm not selling them on ebay anymore. I need to do a craft stall or something and get some sold!!

I need coffee!!

We have babys!

My pregnant piggy had 3 babys on sunday morning.

I was looking in there cage and seen an extra head in their house and when i lifted it up there were 3 little ones in there. There so cute and sweet!!

I said i was gonna give them away but i think i might end up keeping them, seperate the males from females depending on how many of each there are.

We've called them pepper, chilli and cinnamon :)

Heres some pics from yesterday when they were a few hours old, so odd and cute that there born with fur and are running around within hours :)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Yesterday we went to a 3rd birthday party at my cousins. The weather was lovely and the kids really enjoyed themselves.

Later on ellie had another party at kidzaloud so we had to take her upto that. Had a look around the shops while i was up there and got myself some new PJ's and some new tops.

All in all a nice day and we were all knackered!!

The nice weather looks like it's over today.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Busy Day...

Morning all, Well we have a busy day, hope the weather stays nice as we have 2 parties to go too!

One will be outside if the weather is ok and the other is in one of the kids indoor play areas.

Got my hair cut yesterday as it was driving me bonkers, been a while since i've had it cut or at least it feels like ages.

Need to finish dying that this morning and go shopping.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend xx








Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Been changing my blog around a little bit.....

1st day of the half term..

It feels like i havent made a card in AGES!!

Might get something done this week but i have coursework to check through aswell.

Miserable day here today, probably wont be going out!

Might get crafty with the kids as i promised them we would made pen pots and maybe bookmarks.

Good morning

The bank holiday weekend went ok, nice and quiet :)

We went out for our sunday lunch in parkgate, wasn't overly impressed with the food there.

The kids actually stayed in bed till 8am this morning!!!?