Monday, June 14, 2010

Journal page - what is life?

For this i used vampires to symbolise life as they have eternal life, drew some fangs and eyes on with sakura pens.

Background is acrylic paint in grey with pastels over it. red distress ink around the sides to look like smudged blood and alcohol inks dripped down the page. Quite like the effect but cant write over the ink very well!!

And i wrote down who is important in my life.......

I will probably end up adding abit more to the page to finish it off, it doesn't feel finished yet.

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  1. Hi Em I am trying to add stuff to my blog but I'm not sure about what or how ! So stopped by to see how great yours is. Now I know I need to get my self motivated . But I really don't understand how to LOL!
    I love All your stuff Em. Oh and Happy Birthday for tomorrow. luv Max x


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