Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Christmas!!

Well on christmas morning all was quiet...... mummy had to wake everyone up at 6.30 because i couldn't wait anymore!! LOL :)


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The kids were made up with their presents :) kobe got tons of wrestlers that he wanted, transformers, lego pirate ship, xbox game, clothes and much much more!! :)

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Eloise wanted suprises.... she got some go go hamsters, littlest pet shop, some craft drawers full of stuff for her to use, games, clothes and much much more too!! :)

Derek was made up with his presents too, he knew most of them but i got him a few things he didn't know about too. We also got a nintendo wii between us aswell :)

I got lots of pj's and slippers to keep me warm and snug and i got some craft stuff too, some stamps, papermania sets and nestabilities :) I picked them all but i'm still happy with them!! :) I also got my nice comfy desk chair so i can sit at my desk to do my cards.
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My fave thing is my fluffy oversized grey slippers, i love them :)


On christmas day we went to my mums for lunch and that was nice :) on boxing day the kids went to their dads and we went to dereks mums. Stayed most of the day playing on the wii fit, lol :)

I hope everyone had a fab xmas xx

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