Thursday, December 2, 2010

Morning all,

Sorry i haven't been on in a while, just seem to be really busy lately, not much crafting going on here.

I did go to a cardmaking night last night at my managers house (she wasnt the host tho) but i didn't enjoy it all that much beacuse everything was already cut and stamped out for you, not very hands on.

Busy in work doing xmas crafts with the kids andd trying to get some done at home too with my kids.

Gonna be a busy weekend too, i have 4 of the kids friends coming around! Dont quite know how im going to entertain them all, lol. The girls will be easier than the boys i think.

Weathers been frosty here, tiny bit of snow but everywheres just slippy. Eloise slipped back and banged her head on the floor the other day. Poor thing.

We put our tree up yesterday :) got us in the christmas spirit as it was snowing outside too :)

Keep warm and safe and crafting everyone xxx